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Welcome to our online wholesale printing services. Please follow below steps to order online:

1) First click on become a member link and join the wholesale club Click on the product that you would like to order.
2) Customize your product if necessary then scroll down & click on add to cart button.
3) Click on view checkout button or the cart icon.
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Returns Policy

It is not possible to return products for refund other than in the event of an order being produced to the wrong order specification or not to an acceptable standard. In either of these cases we may (at our discretion) reprint free of charge. Any errors in printing must be reported via e-mail to the following email address info@globalmediaprinting.com, please make sure to include your job ID number in the subject line. In order to qualify for a full refund you will need to email us within 3 days of order receipt. We will also require you to return a sample or photographic evidence of the issue.

[We will notify you of any refund due to you via email within a reasonable period of time and will usually process the refund due to you within 30 days of the day we confirmed to you that you were entitled to a refund. We will refund the price of a defective product in fully, any applicable delivery charges [and any reasonable costs you incur on returning the item to us].

If the packaging of your order has been damaged, please accept the material from the courier and write on the document provided that you have accepted the package subject to checking. Once you have verified damage has occurred to the material inside the package you must call our Customer Service team on 1.954.868.0695 so we can process and reprint your order immediately.

If, when delivered, the printed product cannot be used because there is no packaging or the content are completely ruined, please do not accept the material and mark the refusal on the document provided by the courier. You must then call our Customer Service team on 1.954.868.0695 to inform us of the issue so we can proceed and reprint your order immediately.

We cannot accept a claim for loss for items delivered via Royal Mail unless 15 working days or more have passed since the item was due to be delivered.